"History will judge us by

the difference we make in the everyday

lives of children." - Nelson Mandela

Nanny training at the highest level




Is a nanny a babysitter?

Not exactly. Nannies are highly trained professionals who are proficient in a range of skills such as nutrition, child stimulation and are extremely well organised.

Babysitting is more an occasional occurrence for a very short amount of time.

What is the difference between Norland college, this school and other trainings?

We do not offer the 3 year bachelor degree like Norland college, they are unique in their own way. They do assist us for a next profile of nanny: intensively trained with proven techniques by our school.

Other training initiatives are different to us in many ways.

✓ Our training is 3 weeks, residential and in small class sizes.

✓ The curriculum is very extensive and covers over 50 topics.

✓ We integrate the science of household management through our years of experience in high net worth households.

✓ Our instructors are world class level in their very area of expertise.

Do I need a higher education to enrol in this training?

We do appreciate candidates with background in healthcare and related fields of expertise. However, we will consider every candidate and would love first to talk to you and discover your motivation and experience so far.

What are the chances of finding a job after this training?

The whole reason we put this training in the market is because the demand for professionally trained nannies is very high. We can honestly say that demand is bigger than supply.

However, we didn't want to rush into it with a quick learn system. We wanted to offer the best in the market with the best partnerships. That is why it has taken us a bit of time to launch the nanny training.

Can I really learn this in 3 weeks?

Guilty, the training is rather intensive and a lot of information will be coming your way. For that reason we don't train in a traditional way. How do we do it? We have 3 little secrets:

  1. Prior to arriving there is some work to be done.

  2. We have an online platform that will support you before, during and after the training.

  3. We set up a private community to assist you during your job.

How do we know this works? We have been doing it for years with our butler students! The best proof are our results.


✓ A 3 week intensive and residential training on our estate

✓ Combined training by Norland College (UK), the number one university in the world for professional early years practitioners and School for Butlers and Hospitality instructors

✓ Job opportunities through our extensive world wide network of the finest recruitment agencies in the world (London, Luxemburg, USA, ...)

✓ A 3 week intensive and residential training on our estate

✓ Training based on our butler training

✓ First aid CPR training with Red Cross certification

✓ Self defence and anti-kidnapping training

✓ Visually stunning CV with professional photos

✓ Prestigious School for Butlers and Hospitality pin

✓ Pick up from and to Bruges train station upon your arrival and departure

✓ We speak English, French, German and Dutch to assist you in your own language (course language: English)

✓ Butler certificate


✓ Your own private room with stunning view on the garden

✓ Letter of reference to kick start your nanny career

✓All meals, coffee breaks and beverages included

✓All office supplies, wifi and Netflix access

✓Acces to our online platform for future reference

✓ Fully organised field trips and/or guestspeakers

✓ Cooking classes by 3 star Michelin experienced chef

✓ A full photo overview of your training, a great memory forever!

✓ And much much more...



The nanny of the 21st century needs to have a range of skills. Just taking care of the children isn't sufficient anymore. We have a carefully crafted curriculum that will ensure that you learn all the necessary skills to assist the most discerning families.

Adults & children, the dynamics

An introduction to the world of children and how as adults our own experience of being parented can affect our behaviours.

The Norland view of children

The history of Norland and where we are today in terms of leading early years practice.

How to speak to children

Learn about communication in general and how to communicate in an effective way with children of all ages.

Children’s emotions

The world of emotions affects all of our behaviours – learn to understand their purpose and how to manage them!

Child development and behaviours to expect

Children will display certain behaviours at different ages – learn why!

Behaviour management

Top tips and strategies from the world’s experts for 130 years! You will leave with a toolkit of strategies.


What is Play and how does it aid learning?


Teenagers can prove challenging – learn why and how to help.

Forest School

A practical session outside to see how the environment can affect well-being and aid learning

How to behave with the family

Dedication, tact and loyalty are still values every family is looking for. We'll show you how.


Learn how to organise daily transport, holidays and everything about packing and unpacking.


Technology is all around us. We will show what nannies can use to stay organised in the digital age.

Safety and security

Self defence and anti-kidnapping taught by special forces experts to protect you in any situation.


Coming from our butler experience, we will show you everything there is to know about laundry and general housekeeping techniques.

... and much more

From our extensive library of teachings.

"Very professional training! Nice to have a professional that has been in the field and knows the little things that are life-changing."

— Dirk V. - Butler student 2019



26 August - 14 September

Investment: € 3950

Room and meals: € 1700

Training fees are excluding 21% VAT – room rates and meals are excluding 6% VAT

We are KMO Portefeuille certified

VAT taxes are not applied when invoiced to foreign companies

Confirmation of your application upon reception of 30% of the course fee.


We have very limited places for the nanny training.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit or a video call to apply.